Q: How do I get involved

A:  Depends if you are a student, faculty member, patient or community organization. Check out our Get Involved section to learn more.

Q: What difference does learning from patients make?

A: There is an extensive literature on patient involvement in the education of health professionals. Students report that learning from patients makes classroom learning come alive. It challenges assumptions and increases empathy. Although studies of long term outcomes are few, there is evidence that teaching by patients has a lasting effect on attitudes and career decisions.

Q: How do you find Patient Educators?

A: We recruit through the community organizations we collaborate with, through Patients in Education, and through our newsletter.

Q: Which community organizations are involved?

A: See the list of our Collaborators.

Q: What are the four most important words in community engagement?

A: Refreshments will be served!

Q: How do you recognize the contribution of Patient Educators?

A: Patient educators are normally volunteers. We recognize their valuable contribution through recognition events, certificates and awards. We reimburse expenses such as parking.

Q: What sort of training to Patient Educators receive?

A: We don’t provide training as such as we select patients for their expertise. Depending on the role, we provide orientations, handbooks, briefings, support meetings and peer mentoring so that patient educators will be able to contribute effectively


Q: Where can I read more about your work?

A: We have published a number of articles and reports

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