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What students say…

[In the classroom] you have a couple of hours for rheumatic diseases. You can have a couple of hours of cardiovascular diseases, but you don’t really know exactly what the person’s going through until they talk about what’s going on…that’s really extremely valuable.
– UBC Nursing Student

It was a great learning experience. Moreover, the knowledge I acquired will stay with me for longer because of the unique manner in which it was learned.
– UBC Medical student

We learned to be sensitive to that particular population. Learning the barriers that they face and…what things we could change structurally as Social Workers to accommodate.
– UBC Social Work Student

I’ve never even encountered another student from any other professional program in my program, it’s very insular … but everybody’s dying for more opportunities to interact with other students and just compare …
– UBC Nursing Student

I really enjoyed that the teachers were patients, family members and partners. Seeing all of the different perspectives made me realize the extent to which epilepsy can affect someone’s life in many ways – financially, socially, emotionally.
– UBC Medical student

Just to hear the lived experience from someone’s mouth is always great … 10 minutes of that seems to be worth about 2 hours of it coming from an instructor’s mouth …
– UBC Occupational Therapy student

It is helpful to hear from patients what aspects of the conditions affect [them] most as this “priority” list may be different than the priorities outlined in the therapeutic plans in textbooks.
– UBC Medical student

I wish workshops like this could be incorporated into our curriculum.
– UBC Medical student

I really appreciated the other forms of Arthritis [Scleroderma and Ankylosing Spondylitis) because they are barely touched on in class and to physically meet/ see a person makes it much easier to identify when patients come to the pharmacy.
– UBC Pharmacy Student

Interacting with other health care practitioners is something I believe is really lacking in our education program and I believe that workshops like this are a great way to start filling that gap.
– UBC Pharmacy Student

What I got from the workshops was a lot of exposure to conditions that I wouldn’t normally get a chance to see.
– UBC Medical student

I really enjoyed hearing the volunteers’ stories from beginning to end – we didn’t get the opportunity to hear a timeline like this during class and in our clinical placement we saw clients at only one point in time.
– UBC Dietetics Student

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