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What faculty say…

“Engaging in this type of learning project or this type of learning has given me an opportunity to share some of those foundational things that I learned early on in my career with students and that’s really getting the students truly engaged with the needs and perspectives of their patients.”
– UBC School of Nursing Faculty

“This is a very unique opportunity for the students to learn and to hear directly from patients, from clients.”
– UBC Occupational Therapy Faculty

“Students learned how a single diagnosis can generate a complex nexus of secondary problems that are invisible to those around the person affected. They were reminded of the importance of hope, perseverance (“never giving up”), self-care and the need to work together to fight the limitations of the health system.”
– UBC Social Work Faculty

“The people from the community are sharing the expertise that they have to enrich the learning of the students and to complement what the students are learning in the classroom.”
– Associate Dean, MD Undergraduate Curriculum

“[T]he stories that the patients are telling should be augmenting what [students] are hearing from class or are reading from text and help them to integrate what they have been learning into real-life experience.”
– UBC Occupational Therapy Faculty

“[I became involved because of] my personal interest in valuing the voice of the patient and thinking that the best way to provide care for people who are sick and are dealing with things such as HIV is to listen to them and their perspectives.”
– UBC School of Nursing Faculty

A partnership between the Patient & Community Partnership for Education in the Office of the Vice-Provost Health
at the University of British Columbia and the community.

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