November 29, 2021

Health Mentors Program: Presented at International Conference

Angela Towle and Cathy Kline presented the UBC Health Mentors program at the International Conference on Health Care Communication in October. Their two talks showcased how the Health Mentors program was adapted for online delivery during the pandemic and how the creative visual works of students and mentors at the virtual symposium are valuable tools for teaching and learning. 

Pre-recorded presentations were played at the virtual conference which included perspectives from Health Mentor, Mandy Young, and program coordinator, Jen Macdonald. The Health Mentors program continues to capture the imagination of educators and is a model for the authentic involvement of patients in health professional education in person and online.

The conference was attended by hundreds of healthcare leaders, researchers, educators, clinicians, and administrators who are committed to improving patient outcomes, health equity for all, and ongoing scholarship. The research and scholarship showcased at the conference are at the forefront of the key struggles faced today by the healthcare community.

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