Patient & Community Voices Workshops and Events

The Patient and Community Voices (PCV) workshop series consists of inter-professional workshops in which students learn directly from patients and community members through their stories and expertise. Workshops are developed, evaluated and refined by students, patients / community members, and UBC faculty working together in a participatory educational design.
The workshop series includes:

  • Positive Reflections and Voices Unheard: Learning from persons living with HIV
  • The Caregiver’s Journey: Heartbreak and love
  • Talk is Cheap: Living and communicating with aphasia
  • Personal Experiences with Epilepsy
  • Stereotypes, Truth and Moving towards Reconciliation: What health professional students need to know about First Nations’ history
  • How to Work with Interpreters
  • Mental Health: Recovery, compassion, and empathy
  • Trans Health 101

New workshops continue to be developed.

How to Participate in one of our Workshops


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