Aboriginal Summer Camps

Our partnership with Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society (Xyolhemeylh) since 2006 has resulted in a unique educational model. UBC students learn alongside Aboriginal youth at summer camps led by Elders, youth workers and cultural leaders. Students learn cultural safety and about developing culturally appropriate relationships by spending 3-4 days in the community. Cultural immersion for health professional students allows the community to become their teacher.
UBC students from across the various health professions have an opportunity to engage with and experience Aboriginal culture.They are seen as good role models and sources of information for the youth. They provide health related workshops (topics chosen by the community) in exchange for their learning experience.
Common topics include: sexual health, drug use, mental health & self-harm, nutrition, doctors’ roles and responsibilities (e.g. confidentiality) and how to become a doctor, social worker, nurse, etc.

For more information about the camps and to get involved, please visit the program website or contact Cathy Kline at cckline@mail.ubc.ca

Summer Camps

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