Moving Beyond ‘Advocacy for’ to ‘Advocacy with’

Sep 25

A workshop co-facilitated with experts from the community for 2nd year occupational therapy students.

On September 25th, 55 occupational therapy students took part in a pilot workshop to learn about different kinds of health advocacy and how they might collaborate with patients, community, and other health professionals to affect change as part of their professional practice. The workshop was co-facilitated by 3 community experts who shared their personal experiences of health advocacy with health professionals that have made a difference.

“It was powerful to have the mother of the child who’s story was explored in the case study come in and talk,” said one student.

“It emphasized to me to importance of advocating with people instead of solely advocating on their behalf,” said another student.

The workshop was initially developed for training medical residents and is now being adapted for students in different professional programs. A pilot with 110 pharmacy students is scheduled for November 21st. Stay tuned!

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support for this project provided by UBC Vancouver students via the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund.


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