2020-21 Interprofessional Health Mentors Program Virtual Symposium

The Interprofessional ‘Health Mentors’ (HM) program is a unique educational experience in which teams of 3-4 students from different health disciplines learn together from and with a mentor. Health mentors can be adult patients/clients with a chronic disability or caregivers who provide long-term care to a loved one with a chronic disability. Mentors are experts in their life and help students learn how health care providers can support people with chronic conditions and their caregivers. There are 48 mentors and 186 students in the 2020-21 program.

In the 2021 Health Mentors Virtual Symposium the teams shared their learning with other UBC students, faculty, and the community through tweets and 10 minute Zoom presentations. We invite you to view and discuss the presentations archived below.

Group Presentations

Group 1 – A Whole Person

Tweet: Healthcare professionals – start looking beyond the diagnosis! Holistic care with inclusive services is the future. Person before disease.


Alla, Mentor
Jacob, Genetic Counseling
Jessica, Medicine
Kirsten, Nursing
Simone, Occupational Therapy



Group 2 – The Challenges of Returning to Daily Life

Tweet: The challenges of returning to daily life post-hospital discharge for individuals with a schizophrenia diagnosis.


Linda, Mentor
Caitlin, Occupational Therapy
Krista, Audiology
Lauren, Medicine
Wency, Nursing



Group 3 – Tailoring your Health Concerns

Tweet: Tailoring your Health Concerns
People Matter
Think Twice — Speak Once!

Alexandra, Mentor
Amanda, Medicine
Eunice, Occupational Therapy
Kaitlyn, Audiology
Vasko, Physical Therapy



Group 4 – Eliminating Power Dynamics in Healthcare

Tweet: My knowledge is different from your knowledge.


Ashley, Mentor
Arizah, Occupational Therapy
Grace, Medicine
Reyna, Physical Therapy
Roopan, Nursing



Group 5 – The Importance of Placing Patients

Tweet: The importance of placing patients with lived experiences and their caregivers at the center of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.


Betty, Mentor
Lily, Medicine
Negin, Dentistry
Rebecca, Occupational Therapy



Group 6 – Grief and the Healing Process

Tweet: Health issues don’t discriminate. Collaborating with patients who had to suddenly and unexpectantly reinvent themselves is key


Bruce, Mentor
Ashtyn, Speech-Language Pathology
Colby, Occupational Therapy
Melissa, Nursing
Thumri, Medicine



Group 7 – Teamwork, Relationships, Resiliency

Tweet: Exceptional health care is a result of teamwork, meaningful relationships, and resiliency.


Cathleen, Mentor
Hanna, Dentistry
Megan, Nursing
Mehima, Medicine
Urian, Occupational Therapy



Group 8 – Opening the Window

Tweet: Medical care results from standing alone outside the window looking in. Individual care results when the window is opened.


Cindy, Mentor
Angie, Occupational Therapy
Jeff, Kinesiology
Mina, Medicine
Samantha, Nursing



Group 9 – I Have Spondyloarthritis

Tweet: I have spondyloarthritis, it does not have me.


Don, Mentor
Cayla, Occupational Therapy
Eleanor, Nursing
Jessica, Medicine
Kiara, Genetic Counselling



Group 10 – A Unique Journey

Tweet: Everyone has a unique health journey. The client should be treated as an ally and expert in their journey, not just a patient.


Donovan, Mentor
Gurshan, Kinesiology
Jessica, Nursing
Mariah, Occupational Therapy
Rachel, Medicine



Group 11 – Patient Centred Care

Tweet: Everyone, including the patient, holds an equal seat at the table in #patientcenteredcare; sharing experiences, knowledge, and respect, working toward common goals.


Jenny, Mentor
Carrie, Occupational Therapy
Claire, Medicine
Kayla, Nursing
Samantha, Kinesiology



Group 12 – Illness Does Not Define Me

Tweet: Illness does not define me; I define what my illness means to me.


John, Mentor
Amna, Occupational Therapy
Chloe, Medicine
Hillary, Speech-Language Pathology
Valerie, Nursing



Group 13 – It is Important to Collaborate

Tweet: It is important to collaborate as a cohesive healthcare team and keep the patient at the centre of care while listening to their concerns.


Larry, Mentor
Anam, Pharmacy
Anna, Speech-Language Pathology
Brandon, Medicine
Daniel, Kinesiology



Group 14 – Living Away from a Major Health Centre

Tweet: Living away from a major health centre while going through a double lung transplant is manageable, but it takes a village!  


Judith, Mentor
Faith, Speech-Language Pathology
Paby, Pharmacy
Micheline, Medicine
Olivia, Nursing



Group 15 – Patient-Centered Care

Tweet: Patient-centered care is person-centered care that acknowledges humanity and the patient as more than just their disease/disability. #HMP15


Karen, Mentor
Allison, Speech-Language Pathology
Crystal, Medicine
Daniela, Occupational Therapy
Lauren, Nursing



Group 16 – Practicing with a Holistic and Integrative Approach

Tweet: Practicing with a holistic and integrative approach to treatment guided by understanding patient values and life circumstances.


Eva, Mentor
Katherine, Kinesiology
Ricky, Dentistry
Suzanne, Medicine



Group 17 – Navigate, Perceive, Delegate, Impact, Involve

Tweet: Exploring Lynda’s experience navigating the health care system, we discussed topics from multiple perspectives, like words and their meaning.


Lynda, Mentor
Ainsley, Occupational Therapy
Caitlyn, Nursing
Kristin, Medicine
Mackenzie, Speech Language Pathology



Group 18 – Health Care is Client Centered Care!

Tweet: Health care is client centered care! Being part of the client’s journey is a privilege, not a right! The client is more than a diagnosis.


Mariana, Mentor
Abigail, Occupational Therapy
Bryan, Medicine
Elizabeth, Nursing
Nicole, Speech-Language Pathology



Group 19 – We Don’t Know

Tweet: We don’t know what’s going to be thrown at us, but we can choose to work with our healthcare team to handle it with resiliency and optimism. 


Matt, Mentor
Ola, Medicine
Anmol, Pharmacy
Hannah, Nursing
Sarah, Speech-Language Pathology



Group 20 – The Power of Communication in Healthcare

Tweet: Words to Live By: The Power of Communication in Healthcare. The language we use, the perspectives we take, and the books we read. 


Moffatt, Mentor
Elliott, Nursing
Emma, Medicine
Katie, Occupational Therapy
Jessie, Pharmacy



Group 21 – Ultimate Patient Centered Care

Tweet: Ultimate care is achieved when the expertise of health care providers is combined with the expertise of patients.


Natalie, Mentor
Keiran, Nursing
Mehala, Occupational Therapy
Michelle, Speech-Language Pathology
Taylor, Medicine



Group 22 – The Diabetic Odyssey

Tweet: Patient experience must inform access & advocacy, not stigma & assumptions about the visibility of disability. #PharmacareNow #Insulin4All


Rowan, Mentor
Ann, Genetic Counselling
Catherine, Medicine
Emma, Speech-Language Pathology
Sam, Nursing



Group 23 – It Starts with the Patient

Tweet: Powerful questions, listening, curiosity, and respect – the foundation of trust and a meaningful patient/provider partnership. 


Christine, Mentor
Manroop, Pharmacy
Maureen, Occupational Therapy
Orla, Nursing
Sarah, Medicine



Group 24 – Person-Centred Care

Tweet: Person-centred care involves seeing the person as a whole, not just a diagnosis. It is about showing compassion and supporting the human.


Vikram, Mentor
Denise, Occupational Therapy
Simrat, Kinesiology
Rohan, Medicine



Group 25 – Empathy versus Sympathy

Tweet: Empathy versus sympathy. Importance and impact of informed, collaborative decision making between the healthcare team and patient. 


Cheryl, Mentor
Annika, Nursing
Luke, Medicine
Maya, Pharmacy
Simrin, Speech-Language Pathology



Group 26 – Walk Beside the Client

Tweet: Walk beside the client, not in front of them!


Chris, Mentor
Jennifer, Nursing
Lauren, Speech-Language Pathology
Rebecca, Occupational Therapy
Yi, Medicine



Group 27 – Building Relationships within the Healthcare System

Tweet: The foundation to a fruitful therapeutic relationship is rapport-building.


Chris, Mentor
Allandra, Occupational Therapy
Juan, Kinesiology
Philip, Physical Therapy



Group 28 – Collaborative Partnerships

Tweet: Collaborative partnerships are reciprocal and adaptive. They involve continually seeking to fully understand the desires of our patient.


Cindy, Mentor
Alissa, Medicine
Elisabeth, Occupational Therapy
Jasmine, Physical Therapy
Sujin, Audiology



Group 29 – It Takes a Village

Tweet: Change through innovation – improving the treatments and changing the narratives through advocacy in HIV. #ItTakesAVillage


Darren, Mentor
Erica, Pharmacy
Jennifer, Kinesiology
Rachel, Nursing
Rit, Medicine



Group 30 – The Client Advocacy Climb

Tweet: Navigating illness is a long uphill climb, even for the strongest client advocate: health care workers must ensure their patients are not left climbing alone.


Hilary, Mentor
Erica, Pharmacy
Laura, Medicine
Sarah, Occupational Therapy
William, Kinesiology



Group 31 – “Nothing to Me, Without Me”

Tweet: Change the status quo w/ other HCPs? “Nothing 2 me w/o me”: We learned to work w/ our pts not on our pts. Empower pts to improve outcomes.


Elizabeth, Mentor
Adelena, Occupational Therapy
Benjamin, Nursing
Tammy, Medicine
Kyla, Dentistry



Group 32 – Collaborative Care

Tweet: Collaborative care by a multidisciplinary team of OTs, kinesiologists, and physicians helps in a timely diagnosis and management of invisible illnesses such as ME.


Janet, Mentor
Darby, Kinesiology
Mahraz, Medicine
Mariam, Occupational Therapy



Group 33 – Accepting Reality

Tweet: “Why don’t you just get over it?”, they say. But for her, this was not the way. Instead, she chooses to accept and have her own say.


Jo-Anne, Mentor
Courtney, Kinesiology
Heather, Occupational Therapy
Kenneth, Medicine
Rana, Dentistry



Group 34 – Empowering Individuals with Client-Centered Care

Tweet: Inclusive & effective care is led by a client’s lived experience. Listen to the client’s insights to guide best services, resources & treatments.


Jodi, Mentor
Alanna, Nursing
Chiara, Medicine
Jen, Occupational Therapy
Nikki, Kinesiology



Group 35 – Our Perspectives on Patient Centered Care

Tweet: The patient’s interdisciplinary team is greater than the sum of its parts. #wereallinthistogether


Jon, Mentor
Amrit, Nursing
Katrina, Occupational Therapy
Ko Ta, Medicine
Myah, Kinesiology



Group 36 – Inclusion in Disability Care

Tweet: Inclusion in disability care should look at the whole person, rather than just the disability.


Karen, Mentor
Crystal, Audiology
Donna Mae, Kinesiology
Sarah, Medicine
Wilson, Occupational Therapy



Group 37 – #NotANewTrend

Tweet: Person centred care is thrown around a lot but it must be remembered! We should be focusing on it the entire time. It’s not a new trend.


Mike, Mentor
Brechan, Physical Therapy
Jessica Li, Occupational Therapy
Joslyn, Dentistry
Kathy, Medicine



Group 38 – Listen with the Intent to Understand

Tweet: Listen with the intent to understand, not to respond.


Kristie, Mentor
Jordyn, Medicine
Maxwell, Dentistry
Shannon, Kinesiology
Victoria, Occupational Therapy



Group 39 – Story Sharing, Compassion & Listening

Tweet: Client centred care: listening w/o judgement, empathy, dismantling ableism, respond vs react, allowing all voices, patients are the experts.


Katrina, Mentor
Jessica, Medicine
Kimberly, Occupational Therapy
Lauren, Audiology
Zoe, Kinesiology



Group 40 – Communication is Key

Tweet: Communication is key and how you say things matter!
#Communication #PatientCenteredCare #CulturallySafeCare #InterprofessionalTeams


Lelainia, Mentor
Aisling, Physical Therapy
Julia, Medicine
Seerat, Kinesiology
Shannon, Occupational Therapy



Group 41 – Sophie & Mandy

Tweet: The way in which health care professionals communicate with patients, and with each other, greatly impacts quality of care.


Mandy, Mentor
Alison, Speech-Language Pathology
Emma, Genetic Counselling
Jacqueline, Physical Therapy
Taylor, Medicine



Group 42 – The Person Behind the Patient

Tweet: Who is the person behind the patient?


Mark, Mentor
Alisha, Medicine
Jamie, Pharmacy
Nicole, Occupational Therapy
Sukhi, Physical Therapy



Group 43 – Better Together

Tweet: Communication: patient-centered, collaborative, intentional, and relational.


Melody, Mentor
Cheyenne, Occupational Therapy
Julia, Medicine
Manraj, Genetic Counselling
Nicole, Speech-Language Pathology



Group 44 – We Need to be Aware of Patient-centered Care

Tweet: We need to be aware of patient-centered care. It’s the future.


Pam, Mentor
Arden, Kinesiology
Isabel, Speech-Language Pathology
Mary, Medicine
Sylvie, Occupational Therapy



Group 45 – “Survivor,” “You’re so brave.”

Tweet: “Survivor,” “You’re so brave.” We can’t make assumptions, you’re more than a diagnosis. Practice whole person care with compassion.


Sasha, Mentor
Erika, Medicine
Lilyan, Pharmacy
Sharon, Occupational Therapy



Group 46 – A Commitment to Centring Care

Tweet: For care to be truly patient-centred, collaboration amongst HCPs must be complemented by a health information system that records and shares relevant patient information in an effective manner; without such a system, the cost of ineffective information sharing is inadequate care.


Stephen, Mentor
Ali, Medicine
Claire, Speech-Language Pathology
Maria Julia, Kinesiology
Buffy, Occupational Therapy



Group 47 – #WhatPCCMeansToUs

Tweet: The four pillars of patient centred care are advocacy, empathy, trust, and respect.


Fran, Mentor
Sean, Pharmacy
Jennifer, Occupational Therapy
Rylind, Kinesiology



Group 48 – Ideal Client Centered Care vs. Reality

Tweet: My doctor prohibits my access to MY medical records. Unfair! #medicalrecordrights


Derek, Mentor
Amy, Medicine
Brenden, Occupational Therapy
Loryn, Genetic Counselling
Samantha, Pharmacy



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