June 5, 2019

Students Return from Culture Camps

Cultural Camps

The first group of students has returned from a week of learning in Stó:lō territory. Social work, midwifery and dentistry students took part in a short immersion program to experience and learn about Aboriginal culture and traditions. On the final day, the students were honoured by the community in a traditional blanketing ceremony. The bright orange blankets given to the students signify the transformative learning that occurred and recognize the ‘work’ they took part in to discover important cultural teachings. More students are headed to camps in August. 

The camps are put on by Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society (Xyolhemeylh) and are aimed at strengthening culture and identity among the children and families they serve. Over 200 UBC students have joined the camps since 2006 through the Aboriginal Community as Teacher program coordinated by Patient & Community Partnership for Education in the office of UBC Health.

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