October 7, 2019

Bioethics Panel Discussion on End of Life Care

EoL Panel

On October 7th, we were invited by instructor Irwin Chan (left) to facilitate a patient panel for 190 students taking a philosophy course on bioethics. Angela Towle moderated the session which included caregivers and community experts who spoke about end-of-life care and medical assistance in dying.

The different perspectives of the panelists helped students connect some of the philosophical debates they had been learning about to people who have made these kinds of decisions for themselves and in caring for loved ones. It was the first time we have offered this kind of learning activity for philosophy students and it was very well received.

“I saw how intensely personal and individual the issues surrounding euthanasia and end-of-life planning are for each person and their family,” said one student.

“Having not dealt with such instances in my life experiences personally, being able to learn new perspectives from which to consider the ethics of end of life care was extremely valuable. It is only through panels/discussions like this that we get to hear of such experiences, otherwise it is very rare in life for people to discuss so openly with a group of strangers about a topic as sensitive as death of their loved ones/themselves,” said another student.

Thank you to Eve Sheftel, Darren Lauscher, Donna Mitchell and Jory Mitchell for sharing their personal stories with the students.

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