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Community Voices in Health Professional Education (CVHEd)

Community Voices in Health Professional Education: Improving care for vulnerable populations through their participation in the education of health professionals

Our health care system has many barriers for people who are vulnerable or marginalized including access to services, communication with health professionals, and receipt of true patient-centred care.

Changes in health professional education can help to reduce these barriers.

We believe that an important change is to draw upon the lived experience of citizens and include their authentic and autonomous voices in an enhanced education for students at the University of British Columbia.

This 3-year community-based participatory action research project will inform i) development of a mechanism for communities to engage with the university and ii) development and evaluation of an educational model leading to participation by communities in health professional education.

The research should lead to diverse end-users of the health care system having the power and a mechanism to have sustained influence and participation in the education of health professionals.

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A partnership between the Patient & Community Partnership for Education in the Office of the Vice-Provost Health
at the University of British Columbia and the community.

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