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Chris Hofley Awarded 2017 Kerston Community Educator Award

Congratulations to Chris Hofley who is the recipient of the 2017 R. Paul Kerston Community Educator Award.

Chris has had many roles at UBC – a Health Mentor, panelist, co-author and steering committee member.

As a member of the Health Mentors Steering Committee Chris has played an important role in the program’s development, implementation, and dissemination. He presented at Collaborating Across Borders in 2013 and published a paper in the journal The Clinical Teacher in 2014.

Chris’ innovative teaching style makes learning meaningful and fun. He shows students that, “Even though I am in a wheelchair, I can do almost anything an able bodied person can do. I just have a different way of doing it.”

Read what Chris’ students say…

The Kerston Award will be presented to Chris at the UBC Health Awards reception in February.



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